The Crew



Really, the crew is everyone who participates in the Quest – including YOU. We’ll all be learning together and sharing what we discover with the world. Follow the Quest on Facebook or Twitter (to the right) or subscribe to this site for updates. And if the Quest is in your city, we’d love to have you join us.

We’re envisioning the different cities as ships in a grand armada. We’ll all be heading to the same island each month, but each ship will necessarily land at a slightly different place. In other words, each city will have slightly different perspectives on the theme we’re exploring. And that’s part of the richness of the Quest.



Michelle Holliday and Belina Raffy cooked up this wild adventure to help grow the thrivability movement around the world.  Read more about them here.

There’s also a team of genius people and inspiring organizations behind the Quest:


Activators of Awesomeness

We playfully call the local hosts “activators of awesomeness.” If you know them, you understand why.  Most of them have been chosen for their stunning talent in both facilitation and Applied Improvisation.  (Click here to read why we believe applied improv is such an important part of thrivability.) You can read about them on each city page.



We are fortunate to have wonderful local sponsors and partner organizations. You can learn about them on each city page. We are especially grateful to have three partners supporting the Quest at a global level.

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