Sharing our experiences of organisations which create thriving connections with us & the world

Image by Eduardo Mueses

Image by Eduardo Mueses

When it felt like we’re all in the same boat, rowing towards a common goal (#106 | Ljubljana)”

The Thrivable World Quest is a quest for wholeness and aliveness. We pick different themes and explore them worldwide, as applied to organisations. In one particular quest, we examined how organisations create thriving connections with us and the world.  People in Baltimore, USA, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Johannesburg, South Africa and Tokyo Japan took part.

(The) “organization had a wider vision of a better world … (#145 | Baltimore)”

We started by inviting people to share a story of a time when an organisation, that they did not work for, created a connection with them in a way that felt alive and nourishing. The four quotes in bold throughout this piece are taken from their answers.

Coughs & ColdsThey came from a “Yes and” space (#47 | Jo’burg)”

In a sea of choice, we favour connections with organisations which feel alive, delightful and nourishing.  Together we explored how organisations create these connections now.

“When a member of the organization was willing to bend the rules a little bit for me. (#2 | Tokyo)”

Key ideas included:

  • Sharing things in common with the people that make up the organisation. 
  • Having a Heroic Cause  that is meaningful to people and clearly aligned with the actions of the company. 
  • Being engaged by the organisation in surprising activities and a shared exploration
  • Experiencing a ‘yes, and’ spirit from the organisation – a willingness to accept and build on each unique interaction in a positive way
  • Having a sense of personal growth as a result of interacting with the organisation
  • The ability to ‘bend the rules’ to help a customer out
  • A feeling of empathy, trust and authenticity
  • Creating an atmosphere of playfulness and meaning