Purpose is the powerful shared intention that brings people together – that creates wholeness from parts, like cells in one body. In organizations, it is built around service to a customer or community. The themes we will explore within this aspect are: Contribution, Connection and Heroic Cause.


Practical Play is the dynamic pattern of relationships and interactions that weave diverse people into one organism. Play is the way we collaborate, innovate and learn best. It is the joyful, curious and trusting way we engage, but it is also the structure and rules of the game and the roles each of us agrees to assume. In these ways, we see that play can be eminently practical. The themes we will explore within this aspect are: Structure, Systems and Sustainability.


Passion is the diverse talents of the individuals and their sense of meaningful connection to each other and to the work. It is nurtured in the way people are invited to participate and contribute. The themes we will explore within this aspect are: Mastery, Membership and Meaning.


Stewardship is the recognition that we’re not managing the life in the organization so much as we’re creating the fertile conditions for it to thrive – that we’re supporting the emergence of collective wisdom, self-organization, learning and joy. It’s recognition that there has to be coherence across all of the other themes. And more.