Local Hosts

a_Jonathan-Jubinville-MontrealJonathan Jubinville’s professional focus is on facilitating social change through the creation of inspiring learning experiences that empower individuals and build organizational adaptability.  He is fascinated by living systems and the creative potential of humans.  This is why he creates and facilitates living labs, in which participants explore new concepts and experience new approaches to transformation.  Jonathan also participates in applied research and writes and presents on the topic of living systems.  He is particularly skilled at identifying the potential that the living world offers our organizations and society.

a_Joelle-Saraillh-MontrealWith a Masters degree in management from HEC Montreal, Joëlle Sarrailh supports corporate, municipal and community organizations, helping them explore how co-creation and open innovation can lead to the development of new value-added solutions for all involved.  Weaving together both strategic thinking and on-the-ground implementation, Joëlle designs innovation strategies as well as co-creative workshops for public and private sector organizations. She is particularly interested in collaborative practices and in the fertile conditions that enable people and organizations to thrive.

Local Partners

Phil_ca_logo_roundPhil Communications is generously providing graphic design, branding and communications services to the Quest. The amazing team at Phil plans, creates and executes smart, creative and efficient communications and organizational solutions to non-profit organizations and social enterprises no matter what the challenge is.  From communication and brand strategy including website design, social media initiatives to fundraising material their team works hard to get non-profits on the right track, helping them raise awareness and ultimately, more money. They create caring communications focused on results for those who help others and the communities they serve.

Communautique logo MontrealWe are grateful for the event space and moral support provided by Communautique, un organisme communautaire dont la mission est de soutenir la participation citoyenne en favorisant la maîtrise de l’information, l’appropriation des technologies de l’information et des communications et la contribution à leur développement.

s_sara-heppner-walldston-montrealSara Heppner-Waldston will be providing graphic recording for the Montreal event, as well as for the global harvest.  Her passion for graphic recording comes from a lifetime of formal artistic training and professional design work, and highly focused listening.

Graphic Recording captures the essence of business meetings and group dialogue in a highly visual format, to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their meetings. This powerful visual tool helps participants actually see interrelationships of their thoughts, ideas, and group discussions as the meeting progresses, moving it forward in an exciting, memorable way. Graphic recording addresses the 80% of the population who are visual learners, thereby increasing retention and productivity.

Rise-Kombucha-logo-MontrealRISE Kombucha has generously agreed to provide refreshments for the Montreal Quest events.  RISE Kombucha is a delicious and delicately sweet-and-sour beverage created through a symbiotic blend of beneficial yeast and bacteria that transform mere tea into a tonic drink with a light cider taste.  This ancient fermented tea is raw, organic, vegan, fair trade and made with love in Quebec.  

Next Event

September 22
Island #5: Structure

Time: TBC


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