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a_Karen-Schmidt-BerlinKaren Schmidt’s purpose for her work is to help people make a difference through how they lead, manage, and design their projects or processes. With 15 years of management and consulting experience in different sectors, her journey has integrated new ways of leading and facilitating, agile management, design thinking, and applied improvisation. Her passion is connecting different worlds to find out what works in a specific context.

Karen is the Co-founder of Becota, a team and trusted network of experienced and highly-qualified consultants, coaches, process facilitators and business school professors.  We established this collaboration lab principle of work, because we believe in connecting diverse groups of people to create thriving solutions.

Living in Berlin, her workplace is Europe – and wherever she has colleagues around the world.  Are you in Berlin and interested in joining the quest? Let’s explore the thrivable world together and play fully!

a_Claudia-Hoppe-BerlinClaudia Hoppe is an independent facilitator, improv performer and coach, and voice artist.




a_Gabriele-Amann-BerlinGabriele Amann, for over 15 years, offers consulting services, training and coaching to focus on communication, health promotion, stress and burn-out prevention. As a long-standing improvisational actress, Systemic Coach, Systemic Family Therapist and NLP trainer, she offers her clients innovative training formats to make a lasting tangible result. Since 2010, she has run the Berlin improvised live! Academy of Applied improvisation and – together with her colleague Martin Ciesielski – the ResilienzForum Berlin.


Next Event

April 24
Island #3: Meaning

Time: 18h00 – 22h00 (including time for dinner)
Place: ImproLive Academy (Mehringdamm 62, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg)

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