Local Host

a_Alieke-van-der-Wijk-AmsterdamAlieke van der Wijk is the lead host in Amsterdam.  She and her partner Henk van der Steen are the driving force behind Troje. Their field is the ‘human software’ of an organisation: corporate culture, communication, and collaboration.  They describe their expertise as creating exactly the right balance between form and content. If the content is right but the form fails to create interest, people will be unmoved by what you do. But the reverse also holds: if form is not built on substantial content, then people will tend to underrate what’s on offer.  

Next Event

April 24 
Island #3: Meaning

Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Place: Troje offices, Donker Curtiustraat 23 C, 1051 JM Amsterdam

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